Giomer Concept
Giomers are a unique category of hybrid restorative materials. These fluoride releasing light-cured restoratives are touted as the true hybridization of glass ionomers and composites as they have the fluoride release and recharge of glass ionomers and the aesthetics, handling and physical properties of composite resins.

The Giomer Concept

The Giomer concept is based on the PRG technology in which a stable phase of Pre-Reacted Glass ionomer cement is used as fillers.

The GIOMER group of restorative materials and adhesive systems contain the unique PRG filler created using either the Surface Pre-Reacted Type of glass-ionomer (S-PRG) or Fully Pre-Reacted Type of glass-ionomer (F-PRG) technology.

Among the GIOMER products, "BEAUTIFIL II", an aesthetic direct restorative material for anterior and posterior teeth and "FL-BOND", a 2-step bonding system, consisting of self etching Primer and fluoride releasing bonding agent have been clinically proven and researched extensively worldwide. Their excellent long-term clinical performance has given GIOMER recognition as a unique group of direct aesthetic restorative materials.

2nd Generation Giomer

SHOFU made further improvements on the S-PRG technology, resulting in the development of modified "S-PRG filler", which consists of a trilaminar structure (a glass core and 2 surface layers). This unique filler structure has a glass core of multifunctional fluoroboroaluminosilicate glass, a layer of pre-reacted glass-ionomer phase, which is reinforced with a surface modified second layer. With this enhanced S-PRG filler, SHOFU has successfully developed "BEAUTIFIL II", a new versatile highly aesthetic direct restorative material for anterior and posterior teeth. BEAUTIFIL OPAQUER, a flowable opaque material for masking discolorations and FL-BOND II, a light cure fluoride releasing, radiopaque, 2-step adhesive system.

Properties of S-PRG Technology

  • Maintaining the property of multifunctional glass
  • High level of radiopacity
  • Properties of glass-ionomer
    • Fluoride release and recharge
    • Biocompability
  • Long term clinical stability
  • Low solubility and acid erosion
  • Shade conformity (optical property)
    • Aesthetics close to natural teeth
  • Resistance to wear of posterior teeth
  • Anti-plaque effect
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