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Innovations in Anti-caries Restorative Materials
Innovations in Anti-caries Restorative Materials1
Innovations in Anti-caries Restorative Materials

The burden of untreated caries is rising due to population growth and longevity, and a significant decrease in the prevalence of total tooth loss. Despite significant efforts in oral health promotion and caries prevention, dental restorations are still required. Dental amalgam has been used clinically for more than 150 years. Increasing aesthetic demands and concerns over the adverse health / environmental effects of mercury have, however, decreased the use of dental amalgam. Glass ionomer cement (GIC) and composite resin (CR) restoratives have become increasingly more popular, bolstered by progress in material science and clinical techniques. Although GICs have several noteworthy “anti-cariogenic” properties such as fluoride release, fluoride recharge and chemical adhesion to tooth structure, they also have some shortcomings. These include early moisture sensitivity, low mechanical properties and less than ideal aesthetics. Composite-glass ionomer hybrid materials were developed in the quest for improved glass ionomer-like restoratives.

This lecture introduces the continuum of direct tooth-colored restoratives and the science behind them. The relative merits of the various CR-GIC hybrid materials will be discussed with an evidence-based approach. Giomers, which are based upon novel pre-reacted glass ionomer (PRG) filler technology, represent a relatively new category of bioactive hybrid materials. They offer the good aesthetic, handling and physical properties of composites with additional benefits of high radiopacity, fluoride release / re-charge and anti-plaque effects. The later are particularly useful for the control of secondary or recurrent caries. Long-term clinical evaluations have established their good survival rates. In view of the increasing incidence of caries, the clinical use of tooth-colored restoratives with anti-caries and anti-plaque properties is desirable and advocated.
Learning Objectives
  • To review the continuum of direct tooth-coloured restoratives
  • To know the technologies employed in GIC-CR hybrid materials
  • To appreciate the properties of GIC-CR hybrid materials
  • To learn the process of material selection for direct tooth-colored restorations

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Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. Adrian Yap is Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Dentistry, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. He is an Adjunct / Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, Universitas Indonesia and University of Hong Kong. In addition, he is a Clinical Assoc. Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and a Guest Academic of the Peking University School of Stomatology. Dr. Yap obtained his BDS degree from NUS in 1991 where he received several awards including the FAC Ohlers Gold Medal for best clinical student and Terrell Silver Medal for distinction in Prosthodontics. He went on to pursue his post-graduate training and graduated from the University of London, where he was conferred the prestigious 3M Dental Postgraduate Prize, with a Masters in Conservative Dentistry in 1993. Dr. Yap obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from NUS in 2001 and his Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy form the Faculty of Medicine, NUS in 2004. On top of his academic accolades, he has also received many teaching, service excellence and research awards in Dental Materials and Craniofacial Biology. Dr. Yap is known for his expertise in Temporomandibular Disorders, Dental Sleep Medicine and Restorative Dentistry. He lectures world-wide and has authored more than 210 refereed journal articles (H-index of 41), 650 conference/seminar papers, several book chapters and patents in these areas. Dr. Yap is a reviewer for numerous international journals and serves in the editorial boards of several including Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, Journal of Craniomandibular and Sleep Practice (CRANIO), Operative Dentistry as well as Current Nanoscience.

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