Livera α

Livera α

Livera exceeds expectations in its class of resin teeth with life-like aesthetics and optimal biological function combined with high impact and stain resistance due to the innovative Livera α-CH polymer technology. Livera α-CH polymer chemistry features a densely polymerized core polymer and highly cross-linked network polymer that imparts superior mechanical properties.

Homogeneous inclusion of polymerization catalyst ensures a higher degree of conversion and a stable cross-linked network resulting in a stable and durable material.

Livera α Benefits

  • Designed on the basis of harmony form, Livera a is available in 3 Harmony forms- short square, ovoid and tapering that easily mimic the aesthetics and shape of natural teeth of a diverse group of patients.
  • Livera a anterior teeth exhibit chroma intensive cervical areas and naturally translucent incisal eddges with prominent mamelons and distinct development lobes for a more life-like 3 dimensional appearance
  • Livera a posterior teeth exhibit a stable bilaterally balanced occlusion, optimal biological function and aesthetic forms.
    • Wide bucco-lingual distance for greater stability
    • Large Base Retention cavity for a reliable bond to denture base
    • Deep and Sharp spillway for greater mastication efficiency
    • Unique Tooth Contour promotes smooth flow and easy oral hygiene maintenance
    • Mirror image ensures bilateral symmetry and contacts


  • Livera α Anterior packed in a set of 6’s (16 sets / box)
  • Livera α Posterior packed in a set of 8’s (12 sets / box)
  • Livera α Full Set of 28’s
  • Livera α Shade Guide
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