Beauty Ortho Bond

Beauty Ortho Bond

A new light-cure orthodontic adhesive system, developed through the Giomer concept with S-PRG fillers to ensure fluoride release and recharge with a fast and simple application technique.


  • This orthodontic adhesive system consists of:
    • Mild Self-etching Primer: HEMA-free and enables easy debonding with minimal demineralization of the tooth structure
    • Beauty Ortho Bond paste: Exhibits superior handling with an ideal paste like consistency that provides sufficient time for precise placement of brackets
    • Salivatect (optional): Used on the Primer treated surface as a protective barrier against saliva contamination in the posterior region.
  • The S-PRG filler in BeautyOrtho Bond has significant “fluoride release & recharge” that encourages remineralization of enamel and minimizes bacterial colonisation, to help prevent secondary caries.
  • Offers a short and simple application technique that ensures better patient compliance.
  • The unique syringe design of Salivatect with its pull back mechanism and 360 ºC rotary finger grips ensures application efficiency.
  • Available as a set or refills

Beauty Ortho Bond Set contains:

  • Primer A 3 ml, Primer B 3 ml, Salivatect 2 gm, Paste 3 gm x 2, Microbrush Fine (Yellow) x 25 pcs, Needle Tips (50 pcs), Petit Dish, DFU

Safety Data Sheets

Beauty Ortho Bond Primer A
Beauty Ortho Bond Primer B
Beauty Ortho Bond Primer Paste Salvatect