CoreMaster · CoreMaster Coarse

CoreMaster · CoreMaster Coarse

Diamond impregnated polishers specially designed for efficient adjustment of margins, shaping and finishing of Zirconia and Alumina framework for all ceramic restorations.


  • Developed to adjust two different all-ceramic substrates:
    • CoreMaster Coarse (blue black polisher): for shaping, finishing and adjusting Zirconia margins with minimal heat generation (Unique abrasive ingredients of nickel coated diamond particles)
    • CoreMaster (red polisher): for adjusting very thin margins of Alumina copings efficiently without chipping (These polishers are densely impregnated with diamond particles of fine grit)

Recommended Speed Range:
Mounted Polisher: 10,000 – 15,000 rpm / max. 20,000 rpm. Contact Pressure: 1.5 N
Unmounted Wheel: 5,000 – 10,000 rpm / max. 15,000 rpm. Contact Pressure: 1.5 N


  • Individual shapes are in a box of 2’s
  • Unmounted Wheel is available individually with a Mandrel