Denture Liner

Denture Liner

A chemical cure powder – liquid type acrylic hard relining material for dentures.


  • MMA free acrylic material increases patient comfort with less irritation, minimum odour and low curing temperature of 47 ºC.
  • There is low heat generation of only 37.6 ºC.
  • It provides adequate working time, high bond strength to the denture material and an ideal surface hardness to increase durability.

Denture Liner 1-1 Set contains:

  • Powder 80 gm, Liquid 50 ml, Adhesive 10 ml, Hardener (Accelerator – 1 gm x 50 pkt), Mixing Cup, Measuring Jar, Brush, Spatula, Dropper

Safety Data Sheets

Denture Liner Powder // Version 4
Denture Liner Liquid // Version 4
Denture Liner Adhesive // Version 4