Gold Polishing Kit HP / CA

Gold Polishing Kit HP / CA

An assortment of Brownie, Greenie and Supergreenie points for polishing precious and semi-precious metal alloys to a high-lustre.


  • These popular silicone polishers are autoclavable and known for their durability as well as polishing efficiency.

Recommended average speed:
Brownie, Greenie & Supergreenie Polishers: 5,000 – 7,000 rpm / max. 30,000 rpm

The Kit HP [PN 0303] / CA [PN 0304] Contains:

  • 2 each Brownie KN7, WH6, PC2 – for pre-polishing
  • 1 each Greenie KN7, WH6, PC2 – for polishing
  • 1 each Supergreenie KN7, WH6, PC2 – for super polishing