Quick Resin

Quick Resin

A chemical cure powder-liquid type acrylic resin, Quick Resin is available in 3 varieties for specific indications.

QUICK RESIN – A: Temporary veneers, Temporary crown & bridge, Individual tray fabrication for abutment tooth impressions

QUICK RESIN – B: Quick self-curing resin for re-basing denture base, repair of dentures, dislodged or fractured prosthetic tooth, loosened clasp, broken plates, extension and projection of denture border, etc.

QUICK RESIN – O: Fabrication of Orthodontic appliances


  • Excellent strength and fast setting material of choice when using the drop technique for direct and indirect method.
  • Very efficient with a setting time of 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Exhibits remarkable colour stability with the following shades for each type of material.
    • Quick Resin A Shade: 23 (Enamel), 29 (Light Dentin), 32 (Dark Dentin)
    • Quick Resin B Shade: 2 (Pink), 3 (Dark Pink), C2 (Clear Light Pink), C3 (Clear Pink), R2 (Real Pink), U2 (Light Pink), U3 (Pink)
    • Quick Resin – O (Clear Shade)
  • It can also be used as a quick self-curing resin for compression moulding.


  • Quick Resin A Powder 50 gm and 250 gm
  • Quick Resin B Powder 100 gm
  • Quick Resin A.B Liquid 50 gm
  • Quick Resin O Powder (Clear) 100 gm
  • Quick Resin O Liquid (Light Pink) 50 gm

Safety Data Sheets

Quick Resin O Liquid // Version 5
Quick Resin O Powder // Version 5