Vintage Halo

Vintage Halo

A well accepted metal-bonded porcelain system created to overcome the limitations of the traditional shade system by incorporating the reddish shades observed in natural tooth, based on the natural tooth colour space.


  • Exhibits a slightly lower firing temperature of 900 °C and is compatible with a wide range of alloys with a high tolerance for alloys containing upto 50 % silver.
  • Compatible with alloys that have a CTE range of 13.4 – 14.5 x 10-6K-1 (25° – 500 °C)
  • Vintage Halo porcelain enables limitless individual characterization with the application of Effect colour, Value Plus, Opal and Red Shift powders.
  • Available in: Sets and refills of powder 15 gm / 50 gm / 200 gm, Liquid in 50 ml / 500 ml

Vintage Halo Standard AB Set

  • Vintage Halo AB set consists of 47 bottles in A & B shades:
    Opaque 15 gm x 11, Opaque Dentin 15 gm x 11, Body 15 gm x 11, Incisal 15 gm x 4, Opal Enamel 15 gm x 6, Translucent 15 gm x 2, Add-on Powder 15 gm x 2, Opaque Liquid 50 ml x 1, Basic Shade Guide x 1, Colour Indicator x 3, Gumy Indicator x 3 (L, M, D)

Vintage Halo Standard CD Set

  • Vintage Halo Standard CD set consists of 41 bottles in C&D shades:
    Opaque 15 gm x 8, Opaque Dentin 15 gm x 8, Body 15 gm x 8, Effect Colours 15 gm x 10, Opaque Modifiers 15 gm x 7, Opaque Liquid 50 ml x 1, Colour Indicator x 1

Vintage Halo Opal Porcelain Set [PN 7500]

  • An enamel porcelain set comprising of 10 bottles that exhibits true opalescence and optical properties similar to natural enamel under different lighting conditions: Opal Enamel 15 gm x 10, Colour Indicator x 1

Vintage Halo Margin Porcelain Set [PN 7650]

  • Margin porcelain has been designed to help create precise aesthetic porcelain margins. It is easy to handle with high edge strength and low shrinkage. The set contains: Margin Porcelain 15 gm x 19, Correction Powder 15 gm x 2, Isolation Liquid 10 ml x 1, CPM Liquid 3 ml x 1, Colour Indicator x 1

Vintage Halo Whitening Porcelain

  • Whitening shades have been designed to help mimic bleached teeth, which are brighter and lighter than A1 shade. Opaque and Body porcelain powders come as refills of 15 gm /50 gm in 3 whitening shades: W1, W2 & W3

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Vintage Halo

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Vintage Halo Porcelain Powder // Version 6