Vintage Paint Opaque Liquid

Vintage Halo Paint Opaque Liquid

Vintage Paint Opaque Liquid is specially developed to provide paint-like consistency to Vintage and Vintage Halo Opaque porcelain powder while assuring ease of handling and a prolonged working time.


  • This colourless oil based liquid imparts a paste-like quality to Opaque porcelain powders of Vintage and Vintage Halo porcelain system
  • Provides a longer working time, especially ideal for fabricating long span bridges as it keeps the mixture moist for a longer duration
  • Assures ease of handling as the paste-like mixture can be easily painted onto the framework for even coverage
  • Easy to mix with the powder opaque to achieve the desired consistency
  • Pre-dry time with Vintage Paint Opaque Liquid should be a minimum of 7 – 10 minutes.


  • Packed in a bottle of 50 ml [PN 7017] / 350 ml [PN 7018]