Beautifil II LS

Beautifil II LS

Beautifil II LS breaks new ground in direct resin technology with its extremely low polymerization shrinkage and resultant stress while exhibiting superior aesthetics, optimal mechanical properties, ease of handling and polish, lasting natural lustre and remarkable abrasion resistance along with its anti-plaque benefits and sustained fluoride protection for universal application.

Beautifil II LS is formulated with a novel SRS monomer structure and unique filler technology to ensure long lasting aesthetic restorations.

Beautifil II LS Benefits

  • Life-like Aesthetics with easy shade match
  • Low volumetric shrinkage of just 0.85% and low resultant shrinkage stress
  • Effortless polish to a lasting natural luster
  • Remarkable stain and wear resistance
  • Optimal physical properties and clinical durability
  • Excellent handling qualities & sculptability with long working time
  • Inclusion of Proprietary S-PRG Fillers provide continued fluoride protection and surface anti-plaque benefits


  • Box of 4 gm syringe
  • Tips, 0.25 gm x 20 per box
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