Ceramic Technique System Kit HP

Ceramic Technique System Kit HP

For Ceramic / Metal

The comprehensive kit is designed to provide dental technicians with the right abrasive instruments for their precision work. For adjusting, gross reduction, trimming, finishing and polishing of metal-ceramic restorations.


  • High quality abrasive instruments have been specially selected and organized into two separate stands for Metal Treatment and Porcelain Finishing / polishing.
  • Handy tool for beginners as well as experienced dental ceramists for finishing and polishing porcelain fused to metal and porcelain restorations.


The Kit contains:

  • Metal Treatment (Box 1):
    • Brown Points x 3 (No. 47, 20, 10),
    • Unmounted Cutting Disks x 5 (25 mm), HP Mandrel x 1
    • Polishing for metal surface: 3 pcs each Brownie, Greenie Points (No. WH6, PC2, KN7)
  • Porcelain Finishing (Box 2) – Contouring & Finishing of porcelain
    • Fine Diamond Points x 3 (No. F5R, F4R, F16),
    • Dura-Green Points x 5 (No. WH6, TC4, KN7, IC3, TC1),
    • 1 pc Ultra Thin Diamond Disk (62UTD),
    • Separate Discs x 5 (0.25 mm thickness & 22 mm diameter),
    • 1 pc HP Mandrel
    • Porcelain Polishing: Soft Cut x 1 PA (No. WH6), Soft Cut x 2 PB (No. WH6, PC2)

Instructions for use

Ceramic Technique System Kit