Vintage LD

Vintage LD

Vintage LD is an innovative and predictable lithium disilicate based all-ceramic system that offers life-like aesthetics with varying levels of natural translucency and lasting durability.

Formulated with three perfectly compatible components comprising of pressable glass ceramic ingots, a silicate based veneering porcelain and low fusing stains, Vintage LD provides reliable results whether applied individually or in combination.

Vintage LD offer a versatile solution for a variety of clinical indications to meet the aesthetic requisite of all-ceramic anterior and posterior restorations.

Vintage LD Press

Composed of an interlocking network of acicular crystals embedded homogeneously in the glass matrix, Vintage LD Press ingots exhibit remarkable mechanical strength and exceptional crack resistance.

Available in 4 levels of translucency for an extensive clinical application.

Vintage LD Layering Ceramic

Specifically matched with Lithium disilicate ceramics, this low-fusing (Firing temperature – 760 °C) silicate based ceramic exhibits a micro-fine particle structure to efficiently simulate light transmission and diffusion of natural enamel/dentin. Based on Vita Classical shades, it comes in 17 standard shades and complimentary effect shades for life-like shade reproduction with either conventional layering technique or shade modification of Vintage LD Press ceramics.


  • Inlays
  • Onlays and Overlays
  • Laminate veneers
  • Anterior and Posterior full crowns
  • 3 Unit Bridge in anterior and premolar region
  • Implant supported restorations


  • Outstanding aesthetics for life-like, bespoke restorations
  • Predictable & flexible system that offers cost-effective, time-saving and customized solutions
  • Simple and consistent fabrication processing
  • Comprehensive shade line-up for patient specific shades
  • Easy to apply, versatile, low fusing stains facilitate individualized aesthetics
  • Remarkable mechanical properties with outstanding durability
  • Exceptional shade stability and impeccable colour match​
  • Optimal precision for consistent results and fit
  • Easy and quick divesting with minimal reaction layer of press ceramic restorations invested with
  • Ceravety Press & Cast Multipurpose investment
  • Available in : Sets and refills of Powder 15 gm / 50 gm; Liquid 50 ml​

Vintage LD Press Basic Set [PN 8501]

  • Vintage LD Press: Ingots (3 g) x 40 : 5 pcs, Each in the shades
    Body 15 gm x 1, Cervical 15 gm x 1, MT-A1, MT-A2, MT-A3, MT-B2, LO-1, LO-2, T-1, T-2
  • Ceravety Press & Cast: Powder (100 g) x 5 pkt, Liquid (100 ml)

Vintage LD Starter Set [PN 8502]

  • Vintage LD: Body (A2 & A3), Opal Enamel (15 g) x 2 shades, Opal Effect (15 g) x 1 shade
  • Vintage LD Press: Ingots (3 g) x 5 : MT-A2 x 2, MT-A3 x 2, T-1 x 1
  • Vintage Art LF: Stains (3 g) x 2, Glazing Paste (5 g), Vintage Art LF Stain Liquid (50 ml), Vintage Mixing Liquid HC (50 ml)
  • Ceravety Press & Cast: Powder (100 g) x 5 pkt, Liquid (100 ml), Instructions for use

Vintage LD Basic Set [PN 8500]

  • Vintage LD: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, Body (15 g) x 6 shades, Opal Enamel (15 g) x 4 shades, Opal Effect (15 g) x 1 shade
  • Vintage Art LF: Stains (3 g) x 4, Glazing Paste (5 g), Vintage Art LF Stain Liquid (50 ml), Vintage Mixing Liquid HC (50 ml), Instructions for use

Vintage LD Enamel Effect Set [PN 8503]

  • Opal Enamel 56 x 1 shade (15 g), Enamel Effect x 9 shades (15 g each)

Vintage LD Press Trial Kit [PN 8542]

  • Ingots (3 g) x 5: MT-A2 x 2, MT-A3 x 2, T-1 x 1


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