Hybrid Points / T&F Hybrid Points

Hybrid Points / T&F Hybrid Points

Specially designed diamond charged FG points that mimic carbide burs to ensure rapid and smooth cutting efficiency during cavity preparation and trimming/finishing of composite restorations.


  • These durable diamond burs cut with feather-light strokes for fine finishing with less patient trauma
  • Exhibit rapid and smooth cutting efficiency
  • Available in popular carbide shapes for versatility of application
  • Recommended speed: 50,000 – 300,000 rpm
  • Hybrid points – designed to mimic 6 fluted carbide burs for cavity preparation
  • T&F Hybrid points – Covered with ultra fine diamond grit, these diamond charged burs are marked with an identifying white band on the shank and mimic 12 fluted carbide burs, for trimming and fine finishing of composite restorations and small adjustments on enamel or porcelain restorations

Recommended Speed Range:
300,000 – 450,000 rpm / max. 450,000 rpm. Contact Pressure: 0.8 N


  • Each shape is individually packed in a plastic case, 10 cases to a box.
  • T&F Hybrid Points Kit contains 10 T&F Hybrid Points of different shapes
  • Assortment Kit of 22 Points contains 12 Regular Hybrid Points and 10 T&F Hybrid Points


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Hybrid Points / T&F Hybrid Points

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Hybrid Point // Version 3
T&F Hybrid Points // Version 1