OneGloss 2in1 Polisher

OneGloss Complete Set

OneGloss is specially created for finishing and polishing of direct aesthetic restorations with only one instrument.


  • The degree of smoothness achieved on the restoration surface is determined by simply altering the contact pressure.
  • Pressure of approx 1.0 Newton with intermittent water – for finishing
  • Pressure of approx 0.3 Newton – for polishing
  • OneGloss polishers are made using a high concentration of aluminium oxide with silicone as a binder.
  • Saves time as finishing and polishing can be achieved with a single instrument.

Ideal for

  • Finishing and polishing of all tooth coloured restorations
  • Creating surface texture of direct cosmetic restorations similar to natural teeth
  • Removing surface stain without damaging the enamel
  • Polishing of enamel after scaling
  • Removing excess cement without marring enamel or damaging delicate inlays
  • Removing excess cement after Orthodontic debanding


  • OneGloss Complete Set [REF 0180] contains:
    20 unmounted polishers in each shape and 3 mandrels (CA shank)
  • Refills:
    Cup, Inverted Cone and Midi Point are packed in a box of 50’s, Mandrels CA in box of 6’s
  • Mounted Mini Point in box of 12’s


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