BeautiBond Xtreme


The Extremely Effective Universal Adhesive

BeautiBond XTreme is an all-in-one, universal adhesive for bonding direct and indirect restorations. A single application on the restoration surface assures a strong and reliable adhesion to a multitude of substrates, without requiring any additional primers. The HEMA-free formulation enables easy removal of residual solvents and eliminates the risk of allergies and bond hydrolysis, thus assuring a stable and lasting bond.

No compromises on technique or steep learning curves! The choice is yours: Self-etch, Selective-etch or Total-etch. BeautiBond Xtreme provides flexibility to bond restorations in a way that suits your daily workflow. What’s more, a single bottle, easy to use adhesive system simplifies the bonding protocol for your team and saves chair time while streamlining inventory for greater savings.

BeautiBond Xtreme is developed with the groundbreaking Quadra functional monomer technology featuring novel ARS (Acid Resistant Silane Coupling Agent) and Phosphate ester monomer, that assures predictable adhesion to natural teeth and various restorative materials ranging from direct and indirect composites, hybrid ceramics, zirconia ceramics, lithium silicate, glass ceramics and metal.


  • Universal adhesive that bonds predictably to any restorative substrate
  • Eliminates the need for additional primers to streamline inventory and save chair time
  • Bonds equally well to wet and dry dentin, with no post-op sensitivity
  • Quick and easy with simple steps to a strong bond
  • Innovative ARS technology assures greater stability, by preventing degradation even with prolonged storage
  • Ideal viscosity for easy application to a thin, uniform bonding layer of 5μ
  • Suitable for multiple applications from bonding of direct composite restorations, intra-oral repair, cavity seal and immediate dentin sealing (IDS), immediate hypersensitivity relief and cementation of indirect restorations
  • Special nozzle design ensures controlled dispensing with minimal wastage


BeautiBond Xtreme Set (REF Y2448)
(5ml bottle, Microbrush 50’s, V dish 25’s)


BeautiBond Xtreme
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