Vintage Prime Press


High Density High Strength Aesthetic Press Ceramic

Vintage Prime Press is developed with a novel HDIL (High Density Interlocking) technology featuring a dense, interlocked crystalline structure in the glass matrix, with remarkable strength for functional and durable restorations that also meet the highest aesthetic standards. Dense interlocking micro-crystalline reinforced architecture results in a strong and stable press ceramic that suppresses crack transmission and exhibits high flexural strength (flexural strength – 525 MPa) with increased fracture resistance


  • Antagonist friendly with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Superior flexural strength and remarkable durability
  • Excellent shade stability
  • High accuracy of fit with precise margins
  • Minimal reaction layer enables quick finishing of restorations
  • Individualised aesthetics with Vintage LD layering porcelain and Vintage Art Universal stains


Vintage Prime Press is developed with a logical array of 43 shades in 4 different translucencies to fabricate veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and 3-unit anterior bridges that meet the individual aesthetic needs of your patient.


Vintage Prime Press

Instructions for use

Vintage Prime Press