Dura-Green · Dura-Green Fine Stones

Dura-Green · Dura-Green Fine Stones

Made of high quality silicon carbide grit, Dura Green and Dura Green Fine stones are durable, concentric and have excellent cutting efficiency.

Dura-Green Stones:

  • For fast contouring and finishing of porcelain, composite, precious alloys and amalgam.
  • Available in a variety of shapes in HP and CA shanks and selected number of shapes in FG shank

Dura-Green Fine Stones (yellow band):

  • Created for adding surface characteristics and adjusting details on porcelain and composites
  • Produced with a finer grit size and show the same positive properties as the proven
  • Dura-Green Stones
  • Available only in HP shank

Recommended Speed Range:
5,000 – 20,000 rpm / max. 30,000 rpm. Contact Pressure: 3 – 5 N


  • Individually packed in a box of 12’s
  • Popular shapes in hp shank also come in a box of 72’s or 120’s (Eco Pack)
  • Individual shapes of Dura-Green Fine are packed in a box of 12’s

Instructions for use

Cleaning & Sterilization of Rotary Instruments

Safety Data Sheets

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