Ceravety Press & Cast Investment

Ceravery Press & Cast Investment

A high performance, multi-purpose investment designed for accurate casting of all types of alloys and pressable ceramics that ensures easy investing and a smooth surface.


  • Offers ideal consistency, less residual stress and minimal reaction layer with pressable ceramics.
  • Quick burnout in 20 min after investing with ringless technique reduces processing time and exhibits a wide expansion range for easy devesting, with good setting expansion rate of 1.0 %.
  • Universal investment material that is applicable for press moulding (ceramics) and metal casting (precious alloy, semi-precious alloy and non-precious alloy).

Individually packed in:

  • Powder 3 kg (sachets of 100 g x 30 pkts) / 12kg (sachets of 100 g x 120 pkts)
  • Liquid 300 ml / 2 litres

Safety Data Sheets

Ceravety Press & Cast Liquid
Ceravety Press & Cast Powder