Composite Finishing Kit CA / FG

Composite Finishing Kit CA / FG

For Composites & GIC

The Kit comprises of an assortment of abrasive stones that are designed for contouring and finishing aesthetic restorations.


  • This Kit is suitable for finishing direct resin as well as glass ionomer restorations.
    • Fast and efficient contouring with Dura-Green Stones
    • Fine finishing with Dura-White Stones
    • High speed (FG shank) is recommended to save time
  • The durable abrasive points are autoclavable and cost-effective.

Recommended average speed:
Dura-Green Stones: 5,000 – 20,000 rpm
Dura-White Stones: 5,000 – 20,000 rpm

The Kit CA [REF 0306] / FG [REF 0302] contains:

  • Dura-Green Stones – 3 each CN1, FL2 – for adjusting
  • Dura-White Stones – 3 each CN1, FL2 – for finishing

Instructions for use

Composite Finishing Kit
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