Ceramage Gum

Ceramage Gum Color Full Set

A complementary range of Gingival shades have been developed to complement the Ceramage tooth colored components for reconstruction and characterization of gingival areas.


  • The specially designed gum colors and effects simulate the intricate anatomical details of the natural gum.
  • The comprehensive range of Ceramage gum colours can be intermixed at different proportions to achieve the red-white aesthetic balance of each individual.
  • Developed in three distinct viscosities for fast and easy application during the reconstruction and characterization of the gingival areas.

Available in a set as well as refills.

Ceramage Gum Color Full Set [PN 1804] contains:

  • Opaque 2 ml x 2, Translucent 4.6 gm x 1, Concentrate 4.6 gm x 3, Flowable, Composite Resin 2 ml x 4


Ceramage Gum: Customised Aesthetics for Provisional Profile Prosthesis with Ceramage Gum
Ceramage Gum: Full Arch Rehabilitation

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