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Zirconia Reinforced Restorative (ZRR)

Zirconomer P is a self-adhesive, bulk-fill, nano-zirconia reinforced  restorative material developed on the basis of zirconia reinforced glass ionomer technology, specifically for strong and durable posterior restorations.

The biocompatible and safe amalgam alternative saves chair time with a simple restorative technique to provide predictable and long-lasting restorations. Zirconomer P is suitable for Class I and Class II restorations, Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique (SMART), paediatric and geriatric restorations, structural core and base, ART as well as long-term transitional restorations.


  • Zirconomer P features a robust architecture that strengthens and reinforces tooth structure while providing a secure marginal seal for strong and durable posterior restorations.
  • The self-adhesive restorative material eliminates the risk of polymerization shrinkage and facilitates a stable chemical bond to natural dentin and enamel without any interfacial stresses for greater longevity, minimal post-op sensitivity and optimal dimensional stability.
  • Zirconomer P saves clinical time as no priming, bonding or extensive tooth preparation are needed. All you need to restore defects, is mix, bulk-fill cavities and finish at one go, while preserving healthy tooth structure.
  • The biocompatible, monomer and mercury free, amalgam alternative is safe for patients of all ages and prevents secondary caries by providing a fluoride-rich milieu. Suitable for standard and high caries risk cases, Zirconomer P ensures predictability with total peace of mind.


Zirconomer P 1-1 Set (REF C0040)
(Powder 12g &  Liquid 5ml)



Zirconomer P
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Zirconomer P