Vintage Art

Vintage Art

Vintage Art is a range of specially created fluorescent porcelain stains for easy reproduction of individual characterizations and modification of shades.Ideal for internal and external staining of high fusing PFM porcelain, alumina / zirconia porcelain, various core materials (Zirconia /Alumina) CAD / CAM porcelain blocks, selective press ceramic and artificial porcelain teeth, these stains are further complemented with a ready to use highly fluorescent Glazing Paste for a life-like appearance.


  • Ultrafine particle structure imparts excellent handling properties for easy application even in thin layers.
  • Highly fluorescent stains match the fluorescence of natural dentition and enhance the vitality of ceramic frameworks.
  • The Vintage Art stain concept consists of Basic color stains, Colour stains and Shade stains (Shade stains and Foundation shade stains).
  • The Base Color stains enable adjustment of the final hue of the crown through the application of the subtractive color mixing theory while the chroma of final restoration as well as the core can be adjusted with the Shade and Foundation shade stains.
  • Available in 32 versatile colors, in sets or as refills of 3 gm jars.

Vintage Art Basic Color Set [PN 6510]

  • The Vintage Art Basic Color Set consists of 17 bottles to adjust the shade of the restoration to mimic the shade characteristics of natural teeth. Unique stains of A, B, C, D, R shades are very useful when slight shade change is required for a perfect match to the natural tooth.
    The set contains: Base Color Stains x 8 (Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Violet, Green, White & Black), Color Stains x 3 (Dark Red Brown, Orange Brown & Khaki), Shade Stains x 5 (A-Shade, B-Shade, C-Shade, D-Shade & R-Shade), Glazing Paste, Vintage Art Stain Liquid 50ml, Shade Color Card & Instructions

Vintage Art Effect Color Set

  • The Vintage Art Effect Color Set consists of 16 bottles to adjust the shade of the copings to achieve specific individual characterizations, eg. Use of Mamelon Pink to mimic the enamel of The set contains: Glazing Paste x 1, Base Color Stain x 1 (Gray), Color Stains x 9 (Blue Gray, Corn Yellow, Brown, Black Brown, Mamelon Pink, Mamelon Ivory, Rose Pink, Wine Red, Pink Orange), Foundation Shade Stains x 5 (Foundation: A-Shade, B-Shade, C-Shade, D-Shade, R-Shade), Vintage Art Stain Liquid 50ml, Shade Color Card & Instructions

Vintage Art Stain Liquid [PN 6513]

  • This Liquid is designed to adjust the viscosity of the Vintage Art stains, and the quantity of stain liquid may vary depending on the consistency required. Available in Bottle of 50 ml.


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Vintage Art: The Art of Mimicking Nature